The Strokes Announce a New Album on the Way

The Strokes in concert in 2015. Photo by Laura Lewis/REX/Shutterstock (4867786ab)

2020 started off with a bang for fans of The Strokes. 

The New York City band has been quiet for the last few years, having not released an album since March 2013. While a few shows like Lollapalooza in Brazil and Argentina have followed, their planned global comeback tour in 2019 was ultimately canceled due to rain and other obstacles. 

2020 seems to be ringing in better news, however, if New Year’s Eve is anything to go by. The band performed at Barclays Centre in Brooklyn and debuted a new song called “Ode to the Mets”. The track is expected to form part of the rockers’ upcoming album, according to lead singer, Julian Casablancas. 

“Yeah, we’ve got a new album coming out soon. 2020, here we come,” he declared. “The 2010s, whatever the f*** they’re called, we took ‘em off. And now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back. If you really love someone, you’ll be frozen with them. You know what? I don’t know what I say generally, and I ramble a lot, but I love you guys, and it’s a real honor to share the stage and this night with you guys.”

We can already feel that this is going to be a good year!