Thomasin McKenzie & Katherine Waterston Leading Period Drama Spoof “Fackham Hall”

Thomasin McKenzie at
Thomasin McKenzie at "The King" premiere in 2019. Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock (10435029ab)

Period dramas are all the rage in the UK, and the upcoming film Fackham Hall will put a hilarious twist on this beloved genre. Thomasin McKenzie and Katherine Waterston are set to star in this promising period comedy, which hails from the British comedian Jimmy Carr.

Fackham Hall will center on a new porter, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin (The Woman King), who starts an unlikely relationship with the youngest daughter of a prominent British family (Jojo Rabbit’s McKenzie). Waterston will join them as Lady Davenport, whose family is trying to overcome the disastrous wedding of her eldest daughter (Emma Laird).

Fackham Hall marks the screenwriting feature debut of the famous British comedian and TV host Jimmy Carr, who jokingly said he mashed two most popular genres in the UK into one movie because he didn’t have time to write two. Jim O’Hanlon will be in charge of directing this project, and he agreed to jump on board after reading Carr’s brilliant script.

“Fackham Hall is that rarest of rare hen’s teeth – a genuinely funny, fiendishly clever period comedy which even on the page makes you snort your tea out of several orifices at once, whilst still making you care hugely for the young couple at the center of all the madness,” he said in a statement.