Three Generations Meet in “Shaft” Reboot’s First Trailer

Shaft is one of many cult classics that are getting a reboot this year, and we’ve finally got the first taste of it in a new trailer. The short clip promises a super-fun and action-filled reunion of three generations.

Instead of completely reimagining the franchise and starting off fresh, the masterminds behind Shaft decided to play the nostalgia card and brought back the cast of the original films for this reboot/sequel. Samuel L. Jackson
and Richard Roundtree, who portrayed the titular character in previous installments, are back and stronger than ever!

Relative newcomer Jessie Usher takes on the role of JJ Shaft Jr., an FBI agent and a cybersecurity expert, who turns to his estranged father after his friend’s death. This unlikely duo navigates the Harlem underworld in their attempt to solve the crime, and the first generation John Shaft ends up joining them along the way.

This exciting reboot will hit the theaters on June 14 and it will also star Regina Hall, Alexandra Shipp, Avan Jogia and Method Man.