“Umbrella Academy” Creator Steve Blackman Discusses Season One Ending

Ellen Page in "The Walking Dead"

If you haven’t watched the Umbrella Academy on Netflix yet then you should, it’s great. But you also shouldn’t read on because there are spoilers ahead.

If you watched the show, which was adapted from (My Chemical Romance) Gerard Way’s graphic novel, you might be wondering what the hell was up with that unexpected apocalyptic endings. There was no equilibrium and the superheroes fail. It’s not very MCU.

When asked about the ending, the show’s creator simply beams and confesses that all he wanted to do was find a “really good cliffhanger.”

“Yeah, it ends horribly!” Steve told Entertainment Weekly. “What I really wanted to do was find a really good cliffhanger. I also thought it was too easy for this family to come together in eight days and save the world. It has to be trickier than that.”

Steve’s priority was not saving the world but saving the “wonderfully dysnfunctional” family that steal the show.

He continued: “I wanted to have an ending where they sort of came together as a family, but they didn’t achieve the greater goal of saving the world. If we get a second season, we’ll see how they’re gonna end up. These guys aren’t dead, but we don’t know what happens.”

He added: “I thought it told a lot about who this family was, which is they couldn’t quite get it together. Their wonderfully dysfunctional family couldn’t quite win the day. I thought that was very telling for the season.”

The Umbrella Academy is available to watch on Netflix now.