Wendy Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, and Rachael Ray Return to Television

Wendy Williams. Photo by Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock (9071584hz)

Following the decision to shut down production on several daytime television shows, these hosts have confirmed that they are set to air new episodes while practicing self-quarantining. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as The Wendy Williams Show and Rachel Ray Show, are set to return to television with new episodes. The daytime hosts will film from home. 

“Since going into quarantine two weeks ago, I’ve been doing my show at home every day. But only for Portia. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to see it too, and I can’t wait,” said DeGeneres.

“I may not be in my purple chair, and it may not look the same but I’m very excited to get back to my Wendy Watchers … there’s so much uncertainty in all of our worlds right now and we need each other!” Williams said.

“This is a weird time, right? I can’t say there’s a silver lining; that’s just a wild exaggeration,” Ray said. “But there are found moments every day, and this is our found moment, for myself, John, and [our dog] Isaboo, that we get to share our home and some time with our viewers.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Wendy Williams Show will return Monday, April 6.