You Can Now Fund David Hasselhoff’s New Metal Track “Through The Night”

David Hasselhoff in 2019. Photo by People Picture/Gerome Kochan/Shutterstock (10416273b)

When you hear the name David Hasselhoff, you probably think of him running shirtless on the beach in Baywatch or fighting crime in a talking car in Knight Rider. But the legendary actor is expanding his repertoire by branching out into the metal world.

Teaming up with Austrian duo CueStack, Hasselhoff confirmed they are working on a new track called Through The Night. The team opened a Kickstarter campaign in order to finish up the track, a video, and a “making of” video. “head over to our Kickstarter campaign to become an important part of this project today,” they wrote.

In a video teaser for the track, Hasselhoff is seen singing two verses of the song while CueStack say they started the project in 2018 and the track was recorded in Vienna in 2019. The duo said they have financed the project themselves to keep their creative freedom and now they need help to finish it up.

The Hoff is no stranger to the music business as he garnered success in the ’80s and ’90s in the German pop charts. his rendition of Looking for Freedom became a kind of an anthem for the bringing down of the Berlin wall. However, his foray into the metal scene is somewhat unexpected.