You Won’t Believe Who Floyd Mayweather’s Hot New Celebrity Girlfriend Is

As if being one of the richest athletes in sports wasn’t enough. Now, Floyd Mayweather can add a hot, celebrity girlfriend to his awesome life. For a while now, rumors were circulating that hip-hop star Keyshia Cole and Floyd Mayweather were hooking up. Now, they look to be the real deal.

Cole Flys Across Country To Be With “Bae”


The friendship of Floyd Mayweather and Keyshia Cole started back in 2008. They were seen at a few high profile events and Mayweather even bought her a new Mercedes Benz in 2016. But it was Mayweather’s fight against Conor McGregor that really sealed the deal.

Allegedly, Cole cut her Philadelphia performance short to travel across the country in a private jet to see her man in “the fight of the century.” But did she make it?

This Is No Coincidence


It turns out Cole made the fight just in time. She watched as Floyd Mayweather dragged the fight out, eventually finishing with a rather easy victory. After the fight, Cole found herself with the champ, posing for a picture on Instagram.

Is this a coincidence? Definitely not. Sure, you could argue that because Cole’s father is boxing legend Virgil Hunter, she simply loves the sport. You could also argue Cole and Mayweather are longtime friends and she just wanted to support him. But she went to awfully great lengths to be there for her “friend.”

Even More Evidence


If you need any more evidence that Mayweather and Cole might have the hots for each other, take a look at Cole’s current relationship status. Cole was once married to NBA star Daniel Gibson, but the two officially called it quits in 2014. While they didn’t file for divorce then, Cole mentioned in April of 2017 that the pair is finally making the separation official. Just in time for Mayweather to move in.

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