Zac Efron to Star in a New Adaptation of Stephen King’s “Firestarter”

Zac Efron. Photo by MJ Photos/REX/Shutterstock (10074375bz)

Stephen King is one of the most prolific horror writers of all time and his stories have been adapted to the big and the small screens countless times. His work is especially in demand now, after the newest adaptation of IT by Andy Muschietti became a huge blockbuster. So it is no surprise that more adaptations are on their way. Some, which have been in the works for several years, are now getting a boost.

Such a project is the new remake of Firestarter which is produced by Blumhouse and Universal Pictures. After several years in development, the studio announced the project has found one of his leading stars in Zac Efron.

Presumably, Efron will play Andrew McGee, a father to a pyrokinetic daughter, who is chased by an agency named “The Shop”. McGee and his wife were part of an experiment with a drug called Lot 6. As a result, they have developed telepathic abilities. They then discover their daughter also develops powers but much stronger. She can heat objects to the point of catching on fire.

The new adaptation is directed by Kieth Thomas. Scott Teems who co-wrote Halloween Kills is responsible for the script.

The book was originally adapted to in 1984 and starred Drew Barrymore as the daughter, David Keith in the role of Andrew McGee, and Heather Locklear in her debut role as the wife, Vicky.