Justin Bieber performing in North Summer Festival, in Lille, France in 2017. Photo by Allpix Press/REX/Shutterstock (8881097y)

Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” World Tour has already taken nearly two years. He’s performed with everything he has in over 150 shows in six continents.

Only 15 shows remain but… Justin Has Decided To Pull The Plug.

“On behalf of myself, Justin, and the team, we are sorry. But a man’s soul and well being I truly care about came first and we must all respect and honor that,” said Justin’s manager Scooter Braun.

Bieber reps told TMZ that Justin is “just over it.” It’s been the same show since March 2016. He’s losing heart and can no longer give it his all.

TMZ got ahold of Justin who confirmed and added that he’s, “so sorry to anyone who might feel disappointed or betrayed.”

Justin says he’s going to take some down time to breathe, ride his bike and be around family and close friends.