Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman"

Despite many doubters, Wonder Woman not only exceeded expectations – it demolished them. Patty Jenkins’ DC adaptation grossed a stellar $103.3 million from the domestic box office in its opening weekend, making it the highest grossing movie made by a female director ever.

In addition to being a domestic success, Wonder Woman absolutely smashed the box offices worldwide. In 55 markets, Jenkins’ film raked in even more than it did domestically with $125 million total. Most impressively, it earned an amazing $38.2 million in China, which is the major market outside of the United States.

It’s known as the land of dreams, but Hollywood is also infamous for not giving women their fair shake. Female directors are rarely given a chance to work on big-budget projects, so Jenkins’ success is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Wonder Woman is more than just another superhero movie – it’s a wake-up call to Hollywood studios who still doubt the quality of female directors. This movie is also the first female-superhero franchise in nearly a decade and, given its acclaim, will most likely not be the last.

Patty Jenkins has struck gold, both in terms of critical and financial success. For most, her movie marks the first great film since DC started its expanded universe.

When stacked up against other superhero films, Wonder Woman earned more in its opening weekend than both Guardian of the Galaxy movies, both Thor movies, and the first two Iron Man movies, among others.

“Patty’s vision mesmerized the audience,” says Warner’s domestic distribution president Jeff Goldstein. “She is a real talent. Clearly, this is a movie that is resonating with moviegoers around the globe. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of [Wonder Woman] on the big screen.”