Carol Burnett Joins Final Season of “Better Call Saul”

Carol Burnett. Photo by MJ Photos/Shutterstock (10216925bu)
Carol Burnett. Photo by MJ Photos/Shutterstock (10216925bu)

Better Call Saul is set to end its run this summer after six fantastic seasons, and another amazing guest star just joined its cast. The legendary comedienne Carol Burnett is set to play a mystery role in the final season of the critically acclaimed crime drama.

Burnett said she’s “thrilled to be a part of [her] favorite show” in an official statement announcing her involvement. She’s set to play the character named Marion, but it’s unclear what her role entitles and how she fits into Jimmy McGill’s complicated journey and his transformation into the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman.

Burnett isn’t the first exciting guest star to join the final season of Better Call Saul. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, will reprise their Breaking Bad roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Cranston recently discussed the secrecy behind their cameos with Radio Times, describing the experience as “surreal”.

“We were flown into New Mexico secretly and they created this shroud of privacy – we were sent right away to an Airbnb house that we were not allowed to leave. There was all this stuff going on, it was exciting! But also a secret and we kept it secret for a year,” said Cranston.

The second half of the final season of Better Call Saul will premiere on July 11, and it will star Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Tony Dalton, and Giancarlo Esposito.