Chiwetel Ejiofor Lands Mystery Role in “Venom 3”

Chiwetel Ejiofor at the Paramount+ launch event in 2022
Chiwetel Ejiofor at the Paramount+ launch event in 2022. Photo by Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock (12993148lb)

After starring in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor is getting ready to appear in another major superhero franchise. The Oscar-nominated actor landed a mystery role in Venom 3 opposite Tom Hardy.

The production on Venom 3 kicked off in February, and its cast is shaping up to be pretty impressive. In addition to Tom Hardy in the titular role, the film will also star Ted Lasso’s June Temple, while Kelly Marcel is on board to direct, taking over from Andy Serkis. She co-wrote the story alongside Hardy, and this will mark her directorial debut.

The identity of Ejiofor’s character remains a mystery, but some fans are speculating he could reprise his Doctor Strange character Karl Mordo. It’s a far-fetched theory, but everything is possible after Disney acquired Sony and started exploring the idea of the multiverse.

Ejiofor appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness just last year, and we’ll soon get to see him in The Pod Generation and The Old Guard 2. He’s also been making a shift to directing in recent years, and he’s currently working on his second feature film as a director, the biopic Rob Peace, in which he’ll also star alongside Jay Will, Camila Cabello, and Mary J. Blige.