Chris Evans Explains How Those Amazing “Ghosted” Cameos Came Together

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in
Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in "Ghosted"

The action rom-com Ghosted starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas finally premiered on Apple TV+ last week and featured many surprise appearances. Celebrity cameos are one of the best things about this film, and Evans recently shared the funny story behind them.

Ghosted centers on a charming farmer Cole (Evans) who falls head over heels for a mysterious art curator Sadie (De Armas)—only to learn she’s actually a CIA agent. What was supposed to be their second date quickly turns into an international adventure to save the world, and we get to see many familiar faces along the way.

Ghosted features cameos from the Star Trek actor John Cho, who agreed to come on board after the director Dexter Fletcher asked him to make a cameo. Evans’ Marvel co-stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan also appear in minor villain roles after the Captain America star personally called them up to join him on set.

Ghosted also features a cameo from Ryan Reynolds, and Evans didn’t have a hard time convincing him to jump on board because he basically owed him a favor.

“That’s why I didn’t feel bad asking Ryan – I did something for Ryan in Free Guy. But you’re still just like, ‘Sorry, do you want to do this?’ And they’re good buddies, so of course they’re going to jump in. But it’s like asking someone to pick you up from the airport,” Evans told Entertainment Weekly.