HBO Plotting “Game of Thrones” Sequel Series About Jon Snow

Kit Harington in
Kit Harington in "Game of Thrones"

Game of Thrones gave us many iconic characters, and Jon Snow grew into one of the fan favorites over the course of eight seasons. If you’re wondering what happened to him after the final episode, HBO is getting ready to answer all your question in a new sequel series.

HBO will unleash the highly-anticipated prequel series House of the Dragon unto the world later this year, but that’s not the only GOT-related project that they have in store. The network is also exploring a potential sequel series that puts Jon Snow front and center.

The project is still in “exploratory stages”, but if these plans come to fruition, Kit Harington is expected to return as Jon Snow. Game of Thrones ends with his character killing Daenerys Targaryen and heading back to Castle Black to rejoin the Night Watch and lead the wildlings to take back their lands beyond the Wall.

Since Game of Thrones concluded in 2019, Harington starred in Marvel’s Eternals along with his former co-star Richard Madden. He’s soon set to appear in Apple TV’s anthology drama Extrapolations about the effect of the climate change on the planet, in addition to being attached to movies Mary’s Monster and Blood for Dust.