Netflix Drops Trailer for Wes Anderson’s “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”

Benedict Cumberbatch in
Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar"

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is coming to Netflix later this month, and the streaming giant just gave us a glimpse of this exciting project. The new trailer for Wes Anderson’s next film is here, and it does a great job capturing one of Roald Dahl’s beloved short stories.

Netflix’s official synopsis describes The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar as “a beloved Roald Dahl story about a rich man who learns about a guru who can see without using his eyes and then sets out to master the skill in order to cheat at gambling.”

It’s categorized as a short film since it’s only 39 minutes long, and it’s been conceived as the first project in a four-part series of short films adapted from Dahl’s short stories, including The Swan, The Ratcatcher, and Poison.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar has a much smaller cast than Anderson’s classic large ensemble projects, and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character alongside Ralph Fiennes, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley, Rupert Friend, and Richard Ayoade.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar had its world premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, and it will get a limited theatrical release on September 20 before heading to Netflix one week later.