New Justin Bieber Documentary Coming to Amazon in October

Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards in 2020.
Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards in 2020. Photo by ABC/WDTV (11029324r)

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will be the subject of Amazon’s new documentary. Directed by Michael D. Ratner, the film, titled Justin Bieber: Our World, takes fans behind the scenes of the “Baby” singer’s three-year hiatus from live shows and chronicles his return to the stage.

The documentary, which arrives on October 8th, follows Bieber as he prepares for the intimate T-Mobile Presents New Year’s Eve Live with Justin Bieber show that took place on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2020. The concert, which was also received a live streaming treatment, saw him perform for 240 selected guests.

The documentary is a continuation of Ratner and Bieber’s fruitful relationship. Ratner directed the music video for Bieber’s 2020 single “Intentions,” while the duo also worked together on a couple of YouTube Originals series.

Bieber shared a short teaser for Justin Bieber: Our World on his social media. Check it out below.

“This film documents an intense and exciting time, preparing for a return to the stage during this season of real uncertainty,” said Bieber in a press release. “Coming together with my team, overcoming the obstacles, and delivering a special show, surrounded by friends and family; it’s all here.”

This will be the third documentary that centers on Justin Bieber. In 2011 he was featured in concert/docu-film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never before releasing a sequel, titled Justin Bieber’s Believe, in 2013.