Remastered Version of “Titanic” Coming to Theaters Next Valentine’s Day

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio in
Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio in "Titanic". Photo by 1997 - Paramount Pictures

Titanic went down in history as one of the most iconic romance movies of all time, and if you wish you could see him on the big screen next Valentine’s Day – we’ve got some news for you. The remastered version of James Cameron’s iconic film is coming back to theaters next year.

To mark the 25th year anniversary of Titanic, Paramount is bringing it back for another ride. The domestic date is yet to be set, but Disney is expected to release it internationally on February 10, 2023. A remastered version will be available in 3D 4K HDR and high-frame-rate.

Over 25 years after its release, Titanic is still fresh in people’s minds and we’re still having heated discussions about it. Many still wonder why Rose didn’t make room for Jack on that door, but James Cameron thinks it’s silly to be talking about it over two decades later.

“Had he lived, the ending of the film would have been meaningless… The film is about death and separation; he had to die. So whether it was that, or whether a smoke stack fell on him, he was going down. It’s called art, things happen for artistic reasons, not for physics reasons,” Cameron told Vanity Fair.

Titanic came out in 1997 and starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose. It won 11 Academy Awards, including best picture and best director.