Robert Downey Jr. Reveals Which Other Marvel Character He Wanted to Play

Robert Downey Jr. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (8882958ib)

Last year, Robert Downey Jr. has sacrificed himself to save the universe. Well, actually his character Iron Man has sacrificed itself to save the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Downey Jr. has portrayed the rich genius in 10 Marvel movies and has put down his armor. Now he reveals that Tony Stark is not the only character he would have like to play.

While promoting his new movie Doolittle on BBC radio 1, the actor said he would have liked to have a go playing Clint Barton A.K.A. Hawkeye – the S.H.I.E.L.D. archer turned Avenger which Jeremy Renner played on 4 MCU movies.

“I can’t think of any red-blooded American boy that didn’t imagine themselves as Spider-Man growing up,” Downey said. “However, looking back on it now — also because I’m just such a Jeremy Renner fan, and he made it so cool, particularly when he turns into Ronin [in Endgame] — I would say Hawkeye would be my go-to.”

Downey also quenched any hope Iron Man will return. “To me, starting up again is off the table. I feel like I’ve done all I could with that character,” he recently said. “I wanna do other stuff.”