Top 5 Songs From Olivia Rodrigo’s Sophmore Album “Guts”

After a lot of anticipation, Olivia Rodrigo’s second studio Guts album is finally here – and it was worth the wait! Once again, the 20-year-old singer told an amazing story about the growing pains of the late teenage years through 12 amazing tracks, and we’re bringing you five of our favorites.


Rodrigo did a great job picking “Vampire” as the lead single of her new album. Power ballads with an epic bridge and brutally honest lyrics have always been her forte, and she went back to her roots with this single.

Get Him Back

Songs about reconnecting with toxic ex-boyfriends are one of the crucial building blocks of Guts, and “Get Him Back” offers a catchy and humorous take on this common dilemma.

Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl

Rodrigo always did a great job writing nostalgic songs that would fit right in on the Y2K movie soundtrack, and “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” is a case in point.

All-American B—h

When she’s not singing about her toxic exes, Rodrigo spends most of Guts addressing the unattainable standards that women face in the modern world. “All-American B—h” is one of her best songs that tackle this subject matter.

Teenage Dream

The final track on the standard edition of Guts sees Rodrigo trying to handle the weight of crushing expectations she’s been facing since dropping her debut album Sour – while also proving she can rise above them.