This Music Video Starring Miranda Cosgrove is Here to Break Your Heart

Marshmello. Photo by Amy Sussman/REX/Shutterstock (9793065cj)

If you think Miranda Cosgrove is done playing teenagers who are having a hard time fitting in – think again! The iCarly star made a cameo in the latest music video by Marshmello and Bastille, and it’s the most heartwarming thing you’ll see all day.

The emotional clip for their hit song Happier opens with a little girl receiving the best birthday present any child could wish for – an adorable golden retriever called Mello. As the video progresses, we watch the little girl grow up into a teen played by Miranda Cosgrove.

She’s constantly being teased by her classmates, but all of her pain completely disappears once she goes back home to her beloved pet. Unfortunately, she’s forced to say goodbye to Mello after he gets ill and her family decides to put him down.

The four-minute video has a happy ending and it takes us 20 years into the future. The grown-up version of Cosgrove is shown gifting her daughter with the same birthday present she once received – a new pet, who’ll be by her side every step of the way.

Marshmello agreed to collaborate with Bastille on this song because he was blown away after reading the lyrics for the first time. He wanted music video to reflect them and capture the pain we all felt after losing somebody important, as the circle of life continues.