Bravo Rebooting “Blind Date”

Cilla Black on "Blind Date." Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (733580hl)

“Sometimes you’re better off just going in blind!” according to Bravo.

Bravo has put in a series order for a Blind Date reboot. The iconic dating show will go modern and be “updated for 2019 with social media trends and diverse couples of all ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations,” according to the network. 

“Dating has always been an awkward, contentious, sexy, and hilarious adventure. However, the magic of a blind date has gone away, replaced by the algorithms of dating apps, which have eroded dating into a casual meet-up to exchange preconceived notions. Sometimes you’re better off just going in blind!”

“Each half-hour episode will feature strangers who are paired up and sent off on a blind date. The cameras will follow every move as a narrator weaves in hilarious commentary with the help of graphics, animations and thought bubbles to ensure nothing goes unsaid.”

The original series ran from 1999 to 2006 and was narrated by Roger Lodge. 

A premiere date has yet to be announced but casting is already underway.