“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Producer Says Season 6 Will be “More of the Same”

Andy Samberg in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine producer Dan Goor promises that season six will be “more of the same” but “in a good way” (he hopes).

“We are committed to making the same kind of show for the same kind of audience,” Goor explained to Variety. “I always feel a tremendous amount of pressure to make the fans happy and make sure they enjoy the show. But it’s more of the same, I hope, in a good way. I think you have a shorthand with your audience. They understand who the characters are and why they would act the way they do in certain situations.”

The comedy show has been a big hit with a whole range of audiences. In fact, it has such a cult following that when Fox cancelled the show, NBC picked it up in a heartbeat.

A big proportion of the show’s viewers are families and Goor admits that the team are consequently cautious not to mess with the characters too much.

“One of the things that I really like about our show is that families watch it,” he said. “It is edgy and jokes that are definitely not G-rated, but I am conscious of the fact that we have a strong family fan base, so we wouldn’t gratuitously change the characters,” he says.

The first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Six will air on NBC January 10.