Dave Grohl’s Daughter to Joins Him on Stage

Dave Grohl in concert with Foo Fighters. Photo by RMV/REX/Shutterstock (9646659j)

Fans of Foo Fighters know that Dave Grohl loves having special guests join him on stage. Throughout their current tour of Europe, the most special of guests has joined him for a duet every single show–his very own daughter, the 13-year-old Violet.

“My daughter is singing with us every night,” boasted the proud father in a BBC Radio 2 interview. “It’s sad, but she’s going to have miss Reading as she’s got to go back to eighth grade. Her school starts on Monday.”

But there’s still time for one more show: “She’s doing Leeds with us,” Grohl confirmed, in regard to the band’s show on Friday, August 23rd.  “But then she goes back to school,” he reasserted. “She’s a kid!”

The Grohls seem to be having fun touring the continent together: “We hang out in the room, have room service and watch horror movies,” Dave recounts their pre-show routine.

Still, education comes first: “I have to remind myself: ‘She’s 13, she’s got to go back to school.’” 

The uniqueness of the situation is not lost on Dave, and he realizes that going from performing in front of sold-out crowds to a regular student might have some interesting repercussions. “Jet lag is one thing,” he muses, “but playing a festival to 80,000 people and then going back to a classroom? I want to see what happens there!”

Missed out on seeing Violet duetting with Dave? Check out this clip of them performing a cover of Adele’s “When We Were Young” from earlier this year at a benefit concert in Oakland.