“Game of Thrones” is Naming a Whole New Generation

Nathalie Emmanuel and Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

The first grade class of 2026 is going to sound straight out of Westeros.

That’s because people are naming their babies after Game of Thrones characters more than ever in 2019.

The HBO series wraps up this year, with parents appearing to want to make the magic last by using the unusual monikers for their own children.

According to BabyCenter — a website that tracks naming trends — the name Olenna is up 71%, Ellaria is up 53%, and Stark is up 9%. Khaleesi, which has already been deemed a favorite, increase by 7%, while Jorah jumped 36%, and Tyrion went up by 20%. Daenerys and Dany are also expected to climb the charts.

While the names themselves may be bizarre, the trend of naming kids based on Game of Thrones hardly is when you consider that the show, which is based on The Song of Ice and Fire book series, earns three times the viewership of any other show on HBO.

We wonder what names will crack the list by the time the series ends in May.