Kaley Cuoco Wishes “The Big Bang Theory” Didn’t Have to End

Kaley Cuoco. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock (9916376db)

Jim Parsons might be ok with The Big Bang Theory coming to an end, but co-star Kaley Cuoco isn’t quite ready to move on.

It’s no secret that the reason The Big Bang Theory is ending after 12 successful seasons is because Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in the hit series, did not want to do it. Of course, without Sheldon there’s no show so after Parsons turned down a phat pay rise, the producers were forced to wrap up the show.

“It felt like we have been able to do this for so many years now, it doesn’t feel like there  is anything left on the table” Parsons recently told Entertainment weekly. “Not that we couldn’t keep doing it, but it feels like we’ve chewed all the meat off this bone.”

He added: “I guess at a personal level, it feels like the right time in my life.”

Although Parsons feels it’s the right time to move on, co-star Kaley Cuoco who plays Penney on the show has said that she would happily do a reboot in a year’s time if she could.

“I don’t wanna leave, I don’t wanna leave,” she toldEntertainment Tonight. “I said it. I don’t wanna leave! Everyone’s doing rebooting. We might as well do it in, like, a year. I’m fine with that!”

Could The Big Bang Theory get rebooted without Jim Parsons? We doubt it, but we’re with you on wishing for it, Kaley Cuoco.