Kevin Hart’s “The Upside” Debuts at No.1

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in "The Upside"

In a somewhat surprising win, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston’s The Upside came out at the top of Box Office Records, making $19.5 million in its debut weekend to break Aquaman’s three-week reign at the top helm.

The Upside is a remake of the successful French comedy Les Intouchables that starred Omar Sy as an ex-con who takes care of a millionaire quadriplegic. In its remake, Kevin Hart takes the same role with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as the millionaire. Nicole Kidman played the role of Cranston’s manager.

The film opened to mixed reviews. However, it was the second best opening record for an STX movie since Bad Moms which garnered $23 million in its opening weekend. For Kevin Hart, the remake was still a poor record. His other films—Get Hard, Ride Along 2 and Central Intelligence all opened at $35 million or more.

On the other hand, the No.1 spot was a relief for Kevin who has been on news headline for quite a while over his old tweets. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 40% approval rating but audiences’ A Cinema Score may help spur it global success internationally.

While it was dethroned at the top spot, Aquaman still had a great record at $17 million in its fourth week in theaters. The DC Comics film also hit the $1 billion mark globally, positioning it for greater success.