Krysten Ritter Wants to Play Marvel’s Jessica Jones Again

Krysten Ritter in
Krysten Ritter in "Jessica Jones"

It has been more than two years since Netflix axed Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but the show’s star Krysten Ritter is still hoping she’ll have a chance to play the titular character once again in the future. 

Ritter recently had a chat with Screen Rant in which she was asked whether she “would be game” if an opportunity to return to Marvel Cinematic Universe came up. 

“I would absolutely just die to play Jessica again,” Ritter responded enthusiastically. “I had the best time doing it, and I just love her so much. I’m so proud of that character.”

Ritter added that she was proud her character resonated with people, most notably “women and girls, trauma survivors,” and expressed gratitude for being part of the show.

“So if there’s ever an opportunity for me to put on those boots, I will be there in a flash,” she concluded.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiered in 2015 and ran for three seasons on Netflix. The show, revolving around superhero-turned-detective Jessica Jones, received positive reviews from the critics and won several awards during its time on the air. The streamer decided to cancel the series after the third season in 2019.

Krysten Ritter kept a low profile since Marvel’s Jessica Jones wrapped up. She didn’t do any TV work in the past two years while appearing in just two movies: 2019’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and 2021’s Nightbooks.