Marvel Studios President is Keen on Ryan Gosling Joining the MCU

Ryan Gosling at Toronto International Film Festival in 2018.
Ryan Gosling at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018. Photo by Stacey Newman/Shutterstock (9878876d)

Ryan Gosling could be the next actor to join the MCU. 

These days, it’s easier to compile a list of stars not starring in Marvel productions, as opposed to those who are. It’s a franchise that everyone in Hollywood wants to be a part of it. And Gosling is no exception. 

The Gray Man actor has expressed interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the role of Ghost Rider. The character has previously been played on screen by Nicolas Cage in 2007’s Ghost Rider and its sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance five years later. According to the story, Ghost Rider is a stunt motorcyclist called Johnny Blaze who makes a deal with the devil to save his father’s life. The result is that he transforms into a flaming being that rides a fiery motorbike and is able to project hellfire from his body. 

It was thought that Gosling may be starring as the lead in the upcoming Nova project that was announced in March, but the 41-year-old actor denied such. He did confess, however, that he would be keen to play Ghost Rider. 

When this was told to the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, his response was more than positive. Feige referred to the Oscar nominee as “unbelievable” and “amazing” and said he’d love to find a place for him in the MCU.