Miley Cyrus Drops “Endless Summer Vacation” & Music Video for New Single “Flowers”

Miley Cyrus at the Tom Ford show in 2020
Miley Cyrus at the Tom Ford show in 2020. Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock (10551994dc)

After a lot of anticipation, Miley Cyrus’ new album Endless Summer Vacation is finally here! She found a perfect way to celebrate its release—by dropping a music video for its second single “River”, her latest dancefloor banger.

The black and white visual opens with wind blowing through her hair, and we watch her dance on her own in a little black dress as lights flash around her. As the video nears its end, Cyrus is no longer the only one dancing, and she’s surrounded by a sea of shirtless men, while water splashes all around them.

Cyrus described this song as “a dancefloor banger” with nasty undertones in one of her Instagram posts, but she also revealed it comes with a pretty personal backstory.

“It was a time in my life where I was going through just a lot emotionally and personally. All of my songs evolve. They can start as something that was trouble, like, it just feels like it’s an April shower, it never stops raining and then it started raining down love.”

“River” was released as a second single from Cyrus’ eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation, and it accompanied its release on March 10.