Sherlock Holmes Series “The Irregulars” Gets Official Teaser

Screenshot from "The Irregulars" trailer

Sherlock Holmes, step aside, there are new detectives in town. The Irregulars will be helping Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in the new Netflix drama.

The series, written by Tom Bidwell (Watership Down, My Mad Fat Diary), who also is one of the executive producers, is a dark drama that follows troubled street teens who solve crimes for Royce Pierreson’s (Wanderlust) Doctor Watson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes’ (Killing Eve) Sherlock Holmes. When the crimes start to take a supernatural turn and dark powers emerge, the Irregulars, who are based on the Baker Street gang from the original Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, come together to overtake greater forces.

The cast includes Thaddea Graham (The Letter For The King), Darci Shaw (The Bay), Jojo Macari (Harlots), Mckell David (Snatch, Harrison Osterfield (Catch 22), and Clarke Peters (The Wire).

Don’t expect the series to be exactly like the books—Bidwell is reimagining the Baker Street gang from Doyle’s novels.

“Our story focuses on the Irregulars, the gang themselves. It’s their story, their adventure. Sherlock Holmes is in the story, it’s his world, but he’s not the central focus. He plays a big part of it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s about the kids and their journeys,” Bidwell told Entertainment Weekly.

The series premiers on Netflix on March 26.