The Killers Reunite with Guitarist Dave Keuning for New Album

The Killers in concert. Photo by IBL/REX/Shutterstock (8887437a)

The Killers’ former guitarist and founding member Dave Keuning appears to be back with the band.

The band recently shared an Instagram live video that showed them working on new music in a studio. The fans were able to catch a snippet of an unreleased song, but the highlight of the video was Keuning taking part in the recording session.

While this might not be the sign of Keuning’s full return to The Killers, it is a good indication that the guitarist is contributing to their new album. The band recently confirmed that they are working on a follow up to 2020’s Imploding the Mirage, with frontman Brandon Flowers saying the record should be out at some point this year.

Dave Keuning founded The Killers with Flowers in 2001 and recorded five studio albums with the band. He decided to go on a hiatus ahead of the group’s tour in 2017, choosing to focus on his solo career.

Keuning presented his debut album Prismism in 2019, which he recorded in his home studio in San Diego. The release consisted of 14 songs, most of which were conceived during his time The Killers.