The New Teaser for “Doctor Who” Warns About the Fight of our Lives

Jodie Whittaker in
Jodie Whittaker in "Doctor Who"

The Doctor will see you shortly. 

With just weeks to go until the 13th season of Doctor Who, the BBC has given us a glimpse of what to expect. You may want to sit down. 

The 8-episode arc has been entitled The Flux, and according to the teaser, whatever it is is bringing with it the Sontarans, Weeping Angels, creatures known as the Ravages, and enemies from across the universe. Yikes!

This season will also be the last for Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. As the first female to embody the character, the Broadchurch actress regenerated into the Time Lord during the 2017 Christmas special. 

In addition to Whitaker, showrunner Chris Chibnall who took over in 2016, will also be departing. He is set to be replaced by Russell T. Davies who originally revived the series in 2005 and helmed the first four seasons. 

The TARDIS is scheduled to land on October 31st