Survey Says: Half of “The Walking Dead” Fans Will Quit After Rick’s Exit

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Danai Gurira in "The Walking Dead"

As you probably know by now, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln is set to leave the series after season nine. According to recent reports, Lincoln will reprise his role of Rick Grimes in six more episodes and call it quits, with AMC looking to make Daryl the new face of The Walking Dead. Well, according to the latest survey, this will play into the network’s favor.

The Walking Dead sub-Reddit did an extensive survey about the series’ future among its fans with close to 900 people taking part. According to the results, 44 percent of them will stop watching the series after Rick leaves. 36.9 percent were undecided, while just 18.9 percent said they will definitely continue to watch. Considering the way Rick should bow out from The Walking Dead, 51 percent of participants in the survey said they would prefer for him to die while 49 percent would like to see him just leave.

When it comes to The Walking Dead’s new lead, Negan would be the fans’ top choice, receiving 40 percent from all the participants in the survey. Judith is in the second place with 20 percent, while Daryl is their third choice with 15.

In response to other parts of the survey, more than two-thirds of The Walking Dead fans said they would like to see the series ending after the season nine, while almost half of them would like to see the show move further away from the comics source material. Finally, Tara is the most hated character, since 625 respondents wished for the character to die.

Season eight of The Walking Dead wrapped back in April while the production for season nine of the series is set to begin in March 2018. The new episodes are set to premiere later this year.