Watch the First Trailer for “Emma”

Mia Goth and Anya Taylor-Joy in "Emma"

The first trailer for the newest iteration of Jane Austen’s classic story is here. 

Focus Features unveiled the first official look at Emma from director Autumn de Winter Thursday. Emma is de Winter’s directorial debut. First-time film screenwriter Eleanor Catton penned the script

The feature film, which is based on Austen’s 1815 novel of the same name, stars Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular character. Also starring are Johnny Flynn, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, and Callum Turner. 

Taylor-Joy told IndieWire in a recent interview of her role choosing process, and her refusal to be pigeon-holed.

“In Hollywood people always want you to have a thing,” she said. “People give you a thing, whether you want it or not. I followed the roles that I love and the story that I love. I never make the decision of, ‘I’m pretty good at horror, so I’m going to keep doing this right now.’ It’s more just like my characters just happen to inhabit very dark worlds.”

Emma opens on February 21. Watch the first trailer below.