“Westworld” Season 3 Gets a Premiere Date

Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood in "Westworld"

The third season of HBO’s sci-fi series, Westworld, is long anticipated and now gets an official premiere date. The network has released a new trailer revealing that the season will hit HBO and HBO Go on March 15th.

The new trailer also reveals a little bit of the world’s history that led to the development of the dystopian theme park. It begins with events happening in out time, such as the demonstrations in Hong Kong and continues to reveal future catastrophic events such as a new civil war in Russia and a thermonuclear incident in Paris. The trailer tells us that humanity was blindly stumbling from one disaster to the next until the year 2039, when a “system” was created in order to save humanity.

“Up until now, the system was working, but there’s someone we haven’t accounted for: You,” the trailer ends.

We already know from past teasers that the show will move out of the theme park to address the world in general. Former trailers have revealed a new character played by Aaron Paul and the big corporation Incite that operates in this future.